Our Vision

To increase the levels of income and raise the standards of living of the community, especially those belonging to the deprived and marginalized sections through sustained functional interventions in developmental programs with special emphasis on farming, natural resource management, livelihood, health and education.

Our Mission

  1. Enhancing production through Natural Resource Management without disturbing ecological balance.
  2. Empowerment of farmers through collectives
  3. Supplementing existing curriculum with value-based inputs.
  4. Participating in activities to improve the existing health conditions with special focus on rural and urban slum women and girl children.
  5. Supporting generation of sustainable livelihood activities to increase family income.
  6. Transfer of technology- Lab to Land and imparting training for taking up profitable non-chemical agriculture.
  7. Creation of basic awareness on laws of the land to empower the citizens on legal issues

Our Values

  1. Sustainability – Ekalavya Foundation works towards sustainable development of communities.
  2. Community Participation – We encourage Community Participation in Development and Decision making.
  3. Commitment – We are committed to overall community development wherever we work.
  4. Integrity – We conduct all our operations with full integrity.
  5. Sensitivity – As an NGO we are always sensitive toward people’s needs.
  6. Empowerment – We work on empowerment of rural communities