Sedam Nagorao is another farmer who is going forward on the path of Organic farming from the village Mothuguda. Along with his wife Dharmabai, he has been growing cotton, green gram, black gram, red gram,millet, beans of Indian kind, tomato, chilli, and certain other pulses through organic farming. Nagorao tells us that inspite of the organic farming’s minimum yielding in the beginning, it is now producing more and more as the land slowly gets accustomed to organic method.

His words on organic farming are thought- provoking: “knowingly or unknowingly, I have carried out chemical farming so far. But my thinking has undergone a great change after listening to what Ekalavya Foundation has told about organic farming. Organic farming may not be liked by those who carry out farming for the sake of money. But the fact is that organic farming yields maximum with minimum expenditure. I have never thought of money, but concerned only with the health of me , my wife, my children and the people who consume our products. What we have to give for the future generations is not money but health. I firmly believe that by going through the organic path I can supply not the poison but health to the coming generations. The expenditure incurred in organic farming is always at its most minimum only.”