This is the story of a magician who made 60 goats of two.This is not any black-magic or a miracle. This is the story of a hard-worker, KomaramMutha, who obtained financial help from Ekalavya Foundation to buy two goats and gradually raised them to sixty goats.

JaalamThanda and KolamGuda are twin villages in Indravellimandal, Adilabad district. Ekalavya Foundation with the help of NABARD took the initiative for Watershed Scheme because of which the dry lands of these two villages transformed into agricultural fields.

Ekalavya Foundation helped those landless farmers by granting them,loans from NABARD. This way, KomaramMutha bought two goats. With his regular and appropriate care, they gradually developed into 60. He achieved self-sufficiency by selling away the fully grown goats from time-to-time. Now, the poor tribal does not have financial difficulties or pending loans. Besides giving him the goats, the Ekalavya Foundation took over the responsibility for their health.

Each week a veterinarian examines the health of the goats and suggests the necessary precautions. KomaramMutha sought good alliance for his daughter and got her married with the returns by selling the goats.