A prasant ,named Jangu, resident of Utnoor, has four acres of land. In the musst of it , there is a well dug out lang ago by the ancesters. But it contained no water and is only filled with rainy water once in a blue moon.  The well gets completely dried up  particularly in summer where water is badly needed.So it became very problematic for Jangu to cultivate except in rainy season. Exactly in a situation like this fortune knocked at his door. The well started oozing enough water irrespective of any season. It occurred so because of the water shed arranged by Ekalavya Foundation.

The rainy water being rightly captured gave rise to the increased level of  underground water. As a result water seeps not only into the well in Jangu’s land but also into the bores and wells of several villages that come under the operation of the water shed. Now so many peasants like Jangu are benefitted with more and more yields.