Ekalavya Foundation, which has been carrying out the activities related to watersheds and watersharing in the tribal villages of Indravelli mandal established 90 wells in the given region.As the underground water level got increased through watershed, all the wells were filled with full water. So, the peasants who were carrying out the farming on the basis of the water supplied by the wells are more than happy now.

Aathram Amrutharao ,from Patha guda of Indravelli mandal, got a well in his land with the help of Ekalavya Foundation. Since then the well has been full with water in every season. The important thing is that even in the hot summer the sheen of the water in the well did not get evaporated. The well which came as a boon to Amatharao was not however limited to the service of his land only. He extended it to the resque of his neighbouring farmer through water-sharing method. Both of them were enjoying the fruits of watershed and water-sharing. Because of the availability of cultivable water, Amatharao has been growing cotton, red gram, black gram, green gram, paddy, and castor oil plants.

In his three and half acres of land throughout the year. “In the month of May I got the well. Before that , only through rainy water, I used to have 3 quintiles of yield per acre. After the well was constructed, I started getting 5 quintiles per acre. This increased yield became possible only because of Ekalavya Foundation.” Said Amrutharao with a beaming face.