Natural resource management (NRM) entails overseeing resources such as land, water, soil, flora, and fauna, with a specific emphasis on how this stewardship impacts the well-being of current and future generations.

The specific benefits for Ekalavya Foundation depends on our mission, thrust areas, and the communities it serves. Nonetheless, integrating NRM into our organizational activities lead to more holistic and sustainable development outcomes.



A springshed is the land unit where rainwater falls (recharge area) and subsequently emerges at the discharge points of the spring. It serves as the natural unit for the rejuvenation and management of springs.

Farmland Reclamation

Geographically Adilabad region falls under hilly terrain. Due to this there is presence of boulders of various sizes in the fit- to – cultivable land. Due to this many acres of land remain uncultivated, thus, directly affecting the net income of the farmers. To address this issue, Ekalavya foundation has taken up the project of Land development by Boulder Removal activity in the combined Adilabad region. As a result of this project 142 acres of cultivable land was brought under crop production with the financial assistance of IFFCO, Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd. and other donors.



Villagers participate one day in a month as a 'Shramadanam' to resolve
issues faced in the community