“Of all organs eyes are most important.”  If eyes are not bale to see, life will be miserable. Having noticed the suffering of many old people in vadagam , Indravelli mandal, due to eye-problems, Ekalavya Foundation jumped into action and conducted medical camps for eye-check up. After testing the eyes of all the villagers it carried out eye-surgeries for ten people, and provided opticles for 20 people. Mahadabai, Girijabai, Lakshmi bai and Vootham who got their eyes operated told, “Ekalavya Foundation has provided new light for us”.

Thulasiram, sarpanch of Vadagam, expressed his big thanks for the service done by Ekalavya Foundation. He told very clearly: ” In our village so many people used to suffer from eye-sight. Their vision was blurred. Ekalavya Foundation has removed that blurriness by arranging operations and providing right opticles. Previously they were not bale to see the greenery supplied by the forest around. But now they are pretty happy enjoying the greenery .” This is how the sarpanch responded.