” If sufficient food is there, sufficient muscle-power will be there” says Gurajada, the icon of telugu literature. But very few among the girijans follow Gurajada’s saying. They like pulses mostly and are not interested in eating vegetables. As a result they suffer from Malnutrition and the lack of inbuilt resistance power. Ekalavya Foundation would like to have the girijans interested in eating vegetables and wanted to change their food habits to overcome these problems. It brought out the concept of kitchen garden into their lives.

The organization supplied vegetable seeds to the people of 62 villages in the jungles of Utnoor and Indravelli jurisdiction. The seeds of bottle gourd, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, brinjal, tomato, and beans of different kind were distributed among the girijans.  On visiting Mamidiguda, one of those villages where seeds were distributed, we found the village thick with vegetable plants. Having got used to grow vegetables, the villagers were not only using seeds supplied by Ekalavya Foundation, but also started  on their own collecting different seeds of vegetables and green leaves.