Support to the destitute during COVID Pandemic :

The lockdown measures implemented by the Government of India have seriously impacted the poor people and daily wage earners. They couldn’t afford minimum requirements for their survival due to lack of man-hours and income. So, to help these people to get along with the unprecedented situation Ekalavya Foundation has organized the distribution drive of basic food essentials to these people. Along with this awareness campaign on precautionary measures to avoid contracting Covid-19 disease was conducted. These programs were conducted in Hyderabad slums and Adilabad region.

Preventive Homeopathy Medicines :

The temperatures in summer are almost 50 degrees in and around Adilabad and Kadapa districts. Many people are prone to sunstroke. As a precautionary measure, to avoid possible risks of sunstroke, preventive homeopathy medicines were distributed amongst 55,415 people belonging to 173 villages of Adilabad District and 80,000 people belonging to 120 villages of Kadapa District every year.


Villagers participate one day in a month as a 'Shramadanam' to resolve
issues faced in the community