In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of education in tribal regions, and efforts are being made to address the unique challenges faced by Ekalavya Foundation. Our goal is to provide quality education that empowers tribal students to improve their livelihoods and overall well-being while preserving their cultural heritage.

With the aim of fostering a resilient society, Ekalavya Foundation has undertaken a mission centered around supplementary education enriched with ethics and principles. This holistic approach encompasses supplementary education infused with ethical and moral values as its core principle, enabling the Foundation to contribute meaningfully to the positive development of individuals and society as a whole.

Vidya Vahini :

It is a life skill enhancement intervention for students in Govt schools to improve their creativity and inculcate morale. Co-curricular and Extracurricular competitions are to be held at intra and inter school at District level.

Our Vision

Quality education support to slum dwelling children and skill development to eligible youth enabling them to transform their lives for better. Wish to see slum residents improve their economic and social wellbeing by participating in modern and emerging economic opportunities and living with dignity and honor.

  • Implementing appropriate interventions for continuation of schooling and quality education for slum children.
  • Providing exposure to slum students on various modern educational and economic opportunities through Career Counseling, Meet the experts program etc.
  • Creating Successful Role models within the community for others to get inspired and to follow the footsteps.
  • Vocational training to youth, particularly girls & women.
  • Creating awareness about health, hygiene and other social aspects of their living for better living conditions and opportunities.

To build a resilient society, Ekalavya Foundation has taken up the mission of supplementary education with morals and values through various programs. The main focus of these programs is to encourage the creative talent, imbibe leadership qualities, instill patriotism towards the country and divert the young minds from the possible social evils through supplementary education with morals and values.

Vidya Vahini started as an education project in 2008 for encouraging co curricular and extracurricular activities in Government schools in Rural Areas. This program is currently operated in 230 schools in Adilabad district of Telangana and Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh.

Prathibha Puraskars are awarded to Mandal toppers of 10th standard every year as part of Vidya Vahini program. Instilling Self-confidence and combating fear psychosis through various competitions like essay writing, drawing, elocution etc. were conducted at regular intervals in various government schools. Prizes were distributed to the best performers. A total of 25218 students participated in the competition across 230 schools and 4064 prizes were distributed in 2019.

Benches and School bag Kits are regularly distributed to required schools with the help of donors.

Vidya Vikasam :

The quality of education in rural villages often suffers due to factors like lack of commitment from teachers and inadequate government supervision. This situation has the potential to jeopardize the future of students. To address this, Ekalavya Foundation has undertaken an important initiative by offering supplementary education to improve the educational prospects of students.

This effort involves organizing two-hour tuition classes each day in villages where a minimum of 20 students can be gathered. These sessions emphasize essential subjects such as Mathematics, Telugu, and English. To ensure effective teaching, local senior female students with at least an intermediate level of education are selected as tutors. These tutors are given proper training, guidance, and a structured curriculum.

Evening tuition classes are established based on a well-defined roadmap, following the training provided to the tutors. A comprehensive training program spanning 24 hours a month is conducted at the Mandal level for these tutors. This program includes reviewing the previous month’s progress, setting goals for the upcoming month, and refining teaching strategies. Additionally, tutors are equipped with skills for organizing extracurricular activities that generate student interest. Special talks are also organized to enhance the personality development of the tutors.

Incorporating continuous assessment, monthly tests are administered at each tuition center. These tests serve the dual purpose of evaluating student progress and informing adjustments to the coaching plan.

The engagement doesn’t stop at the students; mothers’ committees are formed in every village. Monthly meetings are convened with these committees to discuss the educational progress of their children. Ekalavya Foundation actively supports and encourages these mothers’ committees to participate in enhancing the educational journey of their children. Through these collective efforts, the foundation seeks to elevate the quality of education and inspire positive change in rural areas.


Villagers participate one day in a month as a 'Shramadanam' to resolve
issues faced in the community