WATERSHED management basically involves harmonising the use of soil and water resources between upstream and downstream areas within a watershed toward the objectives of natural resource conservation, increased agricultural productivity and a better standard of living for its inhabitants.These projects are based on rainfall and runoff harvesting schemes that involve rehabilitating, building small check dams and tanks, and groundwater recharge structures. A lot of importance in being placed on these programmes as they have been thought of as important instruments to bring about rural development.

Ekalavya Foundation has been involved in watersheds development program (managed by our sister organization Shyamprasad Institute for social service (SISS)) in Indravelli Mandal since 2007.

Adilabad District has an annual rainfall of 1100 mm.  However the unique terrain of the area does not facilitate holding of water and as a result, farmers can’t grow more than one crop in a year.  The area also does not support digging of deep bore wells.

We have built sustainable watersheds in 46 villages through large scale infrastructure like check dams and trenches that prevent water run off and soil erosion; conserve water and increases agricultural productivity.

Our work on watersheds has improved the lives of 3055 families. Farmers can now raise more than one crop a year and improve their agriculture incomes substantially.

Watersheds are maintained and sustained through farmers’ organizations in most of the villages where watershed project is being implemented.  The watershed projects are funded by NABARD, Rural Development Dept., Govt. of Telangana.



Name of the Watershed No of Villages No of Families
1 Yamaikunta 10 975
2 Indravelly 6 457
3 Harkapur 8 491
4 Wadagaon 10 550
5 Mamidiguda 5 189
6 Chinthakarra 7 393
Total 46