Open Wells

The unique terrain of Adilabad and its surrounding areas are not suitable for digging borewells. We found that the most suitable solution for this area is OPEN WELLS.  Water is available at upper layers and it can be tapped by digging open wells.  Since most of the farmers are tribals and small farmers who can’t afford the cost of digging open wells, Ekalayva Foundation has raised funds through donations. Farmers not only got open wells digged  in their farms at subsidized rates but many of the farmers got assistance for purchasing diesel pump sets.   With continuous availability of water, farmers could raise 2 to 3 crops in a year and this project turned out to be a very useful proposition.

S.No Year Wise No. of Openwells dug
1 2015-16 35
2 2016-17 55
3 2017-18 68
Total 158