Farmers Federations

Important objectives of Farmers’ clubs are to enhance access to knowledge and information and credit, besides encouraging adoption of agricultural technology and innovations through interaction with experts and peer-to-peer transmission of skills and best practices.

Despite the tremendous positive impact, the stand-alone farmers’ groups face many constraints and challenges limiting their service capacity, bargaining power and even hindering and/or endangering their sustainability.  Federations can undertake these tasks more efficiently by mobilizing experts from government departments, research institution, Agriculture Universities and progressive farmers’. Federating the farmers’ provides an opportunity to strengthen Farmers associations. These federations can undertake economic activities to derive benefits of economies of scale.

S.No Name of the Fedaration Membership
1 Komurambheem 1069
2 Madavi Thukaram 959
Total 2028

Komurambheem Federation has established a fertilizers shop at Indravelli to help its members buy fertilizers, pesticides and other agriculture tools at discounted prices as the federation purchases items in bulk.   The federation also purchases farm produce of its members, aggregates it and sells at a higher price at appropriate time.  All the money transactions are done in an absolute transparency.  Thus federation members stand to gain when they buy goods from the federation and also when sells produce to the federation.

Madavi Tukaram Federation is actively helping its members in buying seeds, fertilizers, pesticides at cheaper rate and selling produce at higher rates.  It is also creating awareness about organic farming, soak pits at home and various Government schemes to its members.  Due to their collective bargaining power, the federation has purchased sprayers in bulk directly from the manufacturer and  sold to its members at a rate which is impossible to get when purchased individually. 337 farmers from 3o villages purchased sprayers, agri tools  in this way.