Welcome to Ekalavya Foundation

I was introduced to Ekalayva Foundation by one of my childhood friends.  I am very much interested in education of slum children.  From the beginning I was part of Akshaya Vidya program of Ekalayva Foundation. I give my time on weekends and my wife also supports me in this activity.  Both of us, as a couple, actively participate in training of teachers, kathala raatri program where slum children are taught moral stories during weekends.  Ekalavya foundation has now become my extended family.   My work with Ekalavya Foundation is a great relief from my stressful software Job. I am proud to be a part of this great organization which has impacted thousands of people with their selflessness and commitment.


Ekalavya Foundation was doing various activities in Adilabad District.   Vidya Vahini is one of their programs in Education.  One of my friends invited me to attend PEATIBBHA PURASKAR award function to facilitate Mandal toppers in Adilabad District.  I was very much impressed with their service to the students of Govt. schools.  Since 2013, I have become a part of their activities and am actively participating in identification and promotion of talent among Govt. schools.  My association with Ekalavya Foundation has given me a sense of purpose in my life.


I came into contact with Ekalayva Foundation in the year  2014. Though I was very successful in my life and Career, I was constantly in search of a good platform where I can spend my spare time and serve the needy.  Ekalayva Foundation’s Akshaya Vidya program (Education program for slum children in Hyderabad slums) has attracted my interest.  While going home from office, I used to visit slums where evening tuition centers are run FREE for slum children.  I really derive great satisfaction in serving the slum children.  Thanks to Ekalavya Foundation for giving me space to serve.


I have been working as Govt. teacher in Mancheriyal .  Ekalavya Foundation volunteers have visited our school for conducting Vidya Vahini activities.  I was impressed with their activities and since then I am part of their activities. I derive great satisfaction by helping Ekalavya Foundation organize activities in Govt. schools in our Area.  I think it is a great opportunity to give back to society  through service to the needy and downtrodden.


Let’s make a difference in
the lives of others