Village Development Committee Members with Collector.

Rural Awakening

Village development committee has appointed 4 sub-committees:

  • Administrative committee : This committee takes care of village issues like works done under Employment Guarantee scheme, pensions, school , borewell /wells maintenance etc. A specials training on NREGA was organized to village development committees by experts in the field on how to make use of the scheme. This training has given new direction to works undertaken under NREGA and benefitted the community.
  • Health Committee : Looks after issues like getting certificates issued to handicapped persons, extend support to eye care camps, accompanying patients to hospitals, distribution of homeopathic medicines to every household etc.


  • Education Committee : Monitors school functioning, enforces BadiBaata  program of the government,  encourage children to return to school promptly after festival holidays etc.
  • Agricultural committee :Organizes meeting of farmers to discuss various modern practices of agriculture, functioning of farmers clubs, savings groups and helps framers to practice sustainable agricultural and helps to ensure agriculture as a profitable activity.
  • Kala Jatha Shows : Kala Jatha is a popular communication media used by performing artists in tribal villages. The artist will stage street plays and organise a wide variety of folk arts programmes en route their yatra to make the rural masses familiar with various welfare &development programs. We have organized Kala Jatha shows in 162 villages of Indervelly Mandal (162 shows) on health & hygiene and natural farming.