The predominant source of livelihood in the rural India is agriculture and animal husbandry. However there is a lot of disguised unemployment as the land cannot fully support the youth of employable age. We have made a small effort in providing new skills to rural youth so that they can be self-employed and self-sufficient for the rest of their lives.

Backyard Plantation:
Every household in 100 villages of Indervelly mandal (6000 households) was given four fruit plants to be nurtured in their backyard and when these plants bear fruit, will hopefully ensure enough supply of micro nutrients to every family. With the help from Vanavaasi Kalyan Ashram, we also supplied 7 types of vegetable plants.

Tailoring Training:
About 240 young women were taught tailoring and provided sewing machines with the help of ITDA, SBH, and Infosys Foundation.

Household Electrical Training:
Skill Training was imparted to 50 youth from 5 Agency mandals in Electrical repairing works.

Barefoot Vetinary Assistant Training:Veterinary Assistants training to 50 unemployed youth was given with the help of SBH, Utnoor. This training not only provided gainful employment opportunity to these youth, but also gave fillip to cattle rearing activities in the agency area because of availability of skilled veterinary assistants in their own vicinity.

Crane operators Training:30 youth in Jameshedpur were given training in operation of cranes for 3 months  to enable employment opportunities for them.

Tribal Training Centre:
Tribal training was organised in Lingapur of Adilabad district in various aspects of forestry, judiciary, Police and land acts to empower the tribal population against any injustice done to them.