Farmers’ Clubs

Another novel concept promoted by Ekalavya Foundation in villages with the help of NABARD is ‘Farmers Clubs’. Under this program farmers are organized to share knowledge, save money in groups, lend money to needy farmer club members, maintain seed bank of various seeds etc. Till today 72 clubs in Adilabad dist, 15 clubs in Nagarkurnool dist and 5 clubs in Kadapa dist. are formed. Farmers clubs give villagers power to market their farm produce profitably, procure seeds at a better price, and helps villagers to free from the clutches of money lenders. Farmers clubs herald a new era of cooperative social living.


Farmers clubs  meet once in a month and Ekalavya foundation  helps them with various training like accounts, maintaining, saving, documentation etc . In the beginning of a club a Base Level Orientation Training Program (BLOTP) will be conducted. In the regular meeting Ekalavya will arrange Meetings with Experts on various subjects. The clubs will depute sub committees like, Health, Education, Agriculture, Governance and Women, with members as per their interest and capacities. The sub committees will look into concerned issues and report to the Club in meeting.