Akshaya Vidya

AkshayaVidya (AV) is a project of Ekalavya Foundation started in 2011 and is aimed at comprehensive development of slum Dwellers with special focus on Educational needs of children and employment opportunities of semi literate youth. Akshaya Vidya Project aims to help the children in slums in getting quality educational support. According to one estimate there are about 1000+ slums in Greater Hyderabad Municipal area.

Akshaya Vidya (AV) runs about 60 tuition centers in various parts of slums across the city. These centers provide a conducive learning environment where students can collaborate in learning, get additional support from tutors. Total number of students being benefitted from AV centers is more than 1600 children. It also extended Aksaya Vidya activities to Kadapa and Tirupathi cities of Andhra Pradesh state.  In those two cities there are 20 tuition centres with 700 children.

  • The centre is manned by one/two trained teachers to teach :
  • Fundamentals in Languages (Telugu, Hindi & English) and in Mathematics, children are also helped in their home work for regular school goers.
  • Conducting bridge course for slow learners in essential subjects.
  • To impart moral values and teachings and also help children in developing their capabilities.
  • School dropout children are identified and they are motivated to continue their education by admitting them into nearby schools.
  • Children are engaged in sports and games in week- ends to encourage team spirit.
  • Apart from daily homework and studies, various activities are conducted in Centers e. celebration of National festivals, awareness on health issues, yoga, meditation,  singing, dancing, Pottery making , Clay Ganesha, Mask Making and showing moral     animated movies & Health Videos etc.
  • The children are also encouraged to participate in the programs like Chiguru & Raindrop organized by other NGO’s.
  • These tutors also record the attendance of children; monitor their progress of Subjects (languages) level wise and helps in improving the performance. If a child remains absent for more than 3 days, the respective tutor also visits home to know the reason.
  • A parent committee is formed in each slum to strengthen education eco-system in slums. Hence, the AkshayaVidya facilitates in improving the overall personality of children.
  • AkshayaVidya has extended its operations in Kadapa and Tirupathi districts of Andhra Pradesh.

For More Details, Visit www.akshayavidya.org