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Climate Change Adaptation Project in association with SISS was initiated in the year 2017 at Chinthakarra and Wadagoan village of Indervelly and Utnoor Mandala, Adilabad district with the financial assistance of NABARD. The main aim of the project is to mitigate climate change through adaptation techniques without affecting the output of the agriculture.

Accordingly, water conservation activities along with climate change adaptation techniques for agriculture are being implemented. 17 villages and 912 families are being benefitted through this project.



S.no. Activities Unit of Measurement Units
1. Backyard Poultry No. of families 68
2. Deep Plough Acres 290
3. Tank Silt Application Acres 63
4. Stone Outlets Number 30
5. Mixed Cropping Acres 89
6. Millets Acres 60
7. Loose Boulder Structures Number 220
8. Crop Diversification Acres 33
9. Solar Lamps Number 50
10. No. of families 9248351104 34
11. Hand Sprayers Number 69
12. Trainings Number 545

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