Ekalavya Organic.

  • Pride to Annadatha (the farmer).
  • Rebuilding healthy soils..
  • Providing “healthy food” (Chemical Free) to consumer and there by facilitating healthy India.
  • “Reduce migration”
  • To undertake research on organic inputs to improve their efficacy and usability, on organic produce to establish their safety and nutritional superiority.
  • Increasing the agricultural incomes significantly.
  • Reduce post-harvest losses through better handling and storage practices.

What is our Plan

  • Develop and demonstrate cropping models which has potential to earn up to Rs. 50,000/acre/annum.
  • Build Organic Produce branding and distribution network with target of 70% farmers’ share in consumers’ rupee by providing safe and affordable food .
  • Ekalavya Academy for Organic Farming .
  • Develop an Army of Field Change Agents .

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