The health situation of tribal people is precarious due to lack of connectivity, lack of availability of doctors in hospitals, high probability of vector borne and water borne diseases. In this regard EF is taking various initiatives like.

Health Awareness Programs have been conducted in rural areas to improve awareness on malnutrition, prevent outbreaks like dengue, malaria, gastroenteritis and other water borne and contagious diseases.

For Girls and women:health awareness training have been organized on personal hygiene, nutrition, and seasonal diseases for girls in 25 schools spread over 4 tribal Mandals (Utnoor, Indervelly, Narnoor, Jainoor, Sirpoor.

Personal hygiene awareness on toilets and soak pits:Ekalavya Foundation has launched a massive information and awareness campaign in 162 villages of Indervellymandal using kalajata, videos display and exposure visit to model villages. Shyam Prasad Institute for Social Service (SISS) has supported this initiative of ours.Twenty villages have achieved 100% success in constructing soak pits. Many villages are moving towards 100% defecation free by constructing toilets in every household.

Eye camps: We have been regularly organising eye care camps in the villages in collaboration with LV Prasad Eye Hospital and APRTSS, in which patients are screened to provide either medicines or spectacles or operated upon for cataract and other ailments.

Improved Smokeless Stoves: Women in the villages suffer from chronic respiratory diseases as they inhale smoke while cooking on traditional stoves in poorly ventilated kitchens. This problem can be addressed to a large extent by using improved smoke-less stoves. We have mounted campaigns and organized demonstrations of such stoves for women in the villages by experts and provided more than 800 Stoves at subsidized prices in our field area.

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