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About Ekalavya Foundation
Ekalavya, a Bhil youth being denied of teaching archery skill by a Guru, loyal to princes of the State, took the task by his own and mastered the art better than the princely pupils of the Guru. It was because of the fact that the tribal boy had tremendous innate potential, inherent skill, talent and a fire in him. Watching the princes taking the training activated him too to discover the art with more vigour and precision.
Komaram Bheem was another stalwart Gond tribe who fought for the freedom and rights of the tribal community. More than half a century has passed and the struggle still continues with very little visible difference. There exists no drought of Ekalavyas and Komaram Bheems in the tribes which account to roughly 8.2 percent of Indian population and just above six percent of Andhra Pradesh’s population according to 2001 census.
The Ekalavya Foundation was established in April 2006 (27-04-2006) vide Registration number 280/2006 under the Trust’s Act with an aim to find out such zeal in tribes and other deprived and marginalized groups of Society and to help them for a result oriented effective participation in the society. The Central office of the Foundation is located at Chikkadpally, Hyderabad. The Ekalavya Foundation is governed by the Board of trustees who decide the policies and supervise the execution of these
by the Institute. Senior personalities are employed as full time workers along with volunteers to formulate and pursue strategies and implement them to achieve the goals of the Foundation. Board of trustees of the Institute constitutes of a Chairman and six members.
During the financial year 2009-10 the composition of the Governing Body is as follows:
1   Sri P Venugopal Reddy,   Social worker   Chairman, Managing Trustee
2   Smt. Y. Vinutha   Business Women   Trustee
3   Sri A.Bapanna   Bussinessman     Trustee
4   Sri Ch.Venugopal Reddy   Educationalist       Trustee
5   Sri A.Ramalingeswara Rao   Highcourt Advocate   Trustee
6   Sri N.Venugopal Reddy   Agriculturist     Trustee
7   Sri R.Manik Rao   Educationalist    Trustee
8   Sri Malla Reddy   Educationalist    Trustee
9   Sri V.Mallikarjun Reddy   Educationalist   Secretary,EF
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To give thrust to educational sector the Foundation has taken up 100 schools under its ambit to undertake many educational activities......... Click here to read..
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