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Paradox is the word that sumps up today’s Indian reality. On the one hand the world visualizes tremendous potential among the boys and the girls of the Nation and on the other scores of rural poor live under utter poverty. Among those who reel under generational poverty and degradation, the plight of Tribals is indeed more miserable than any on else. What distinguishable the issue of Tribals from other sections is the fact that Tribals have tremendous innate potential, skills and talent which only need a lot of orientation to find perfect manifestation.
Noted sociologists have made this point a number of times. Concreted efforts have to be made both by the Government and social sectors towards identifying, nurturing and moulding the innate talents of the Tribals. Appreciating the imperative of making such an effort, Ekalavya Foundation was established in April 2006 with an objective to identify skills and talents among Tribals, especially among Tribal youth and impart necessary training and orientation towards upgrading and making their skills market-oriented. The foundation aims at making Tribals employable and self-reliant. Further it aims at bringing about changes in institutional and attitudinal matrix in tune with the modern day aspirations. Major thrust is being given to the enhancement of levels of income and standards of living of communities through sustained functional interventions in developmental programmes with special emphasis on health and education.
*****Vidya Vahini District level seminar held at Basara*****
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To give thrust to educational sector the Foundation has taken up 100 schools under its ambit to undertake many educational activities......... Click here to read..
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